Frederic Hunter, “Robert Peel,” American National Biography (Oxford University Press: online, 2006).

From a biographical sketch in the scholarly reference work, American National Biography:

“…In 1946 Peel returned to civilian life and joined the editorial staff of The Christian Science Monitor. His contributions to its editorial columns and book reviews fill several volumes of clippings. His 1953 talk on Christian Science, “Moving Mountains,” for the BBC’s Third Program and printed in the BBC publication The Listener, marked the redirection of his activity from journalism back to religious scholarship. Relating New Testament-based faith to modern scientific concerns, the talk aroused what one BBC commentator called ‘a lively controversy’ on the spiritual and intellectual issues that would occupy him for the rest of his life….

“While an undergraduate in the 1920s, Peel had gone through a period of healthy skepticism about Christian Science, reading much of the abundant critical material on the church and its founder, Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910). Recognizing both the prejudices reflected in much of this material and the serious historical issues often ignored in more favorable works, Peel set for himself the task of addressing those issues in a thoroughly researched biographical study….”